Fluorescent to LED Upgrades

For decades, fluorescent lighting was the ideal solution for buildings. But dimming fluorescent lights was always a challenge, resulting in wasted energy and rising electrical costs. LED lighting offers a more energy-efficient, cost-effective replacement that’s also easier to control. Talk to us today to discuss making the switch.

Expert LED Upgrade Solutions

We work closely with your team to update or redesign your commercial lighting controls to give you LED upgrades that save energy and money.

  • Design & programming
  • Control-specific documentation
  • System upgrades
  • Automation solutions
  • Implementation & training
  • Ongoing maintenance

Swap Fluorescent Lights with LEDs

Paratus makes swapping an on-off fluorescent tube for an LED replacement simple. First, our experts will help you select the best possible dimming LED and matching LED driver for optimal performance. Then, we’ll flip out the necessary parts, install a new control center, and get you up and running in no time.

Optimize Your System for LED

Have you already swapped your original bulbs to LED? We can give your system an optimization checkup, including tuning your dimmer settings to match your bulbs, eliminating flicker, and providing a list of recommended bulbs that work with your system.


Upgrade Your Lighting Controls

If your fluorescent fixtures use digital controls, like Lutron’s ecosystem controls, your lighting circuits have been wired so that a standard swap will not work. Paratus is a factory-authorized Lutron consultant that can upgrade your Lutron lighting controls to the newest generation of systems, complete with smartphone-compatible controls. Contact us today to learn about our fluorescent to LED upgrade packages.

Join Our Touch Program

We proudly offer free no-obligation, on-site assessments of your current dimming system. Let us take a backup of your database, give your system a preventative maintenance checkup and leave you with a budget and plan for your system upgrade.