Grafik to Quantum Vue Upgrades

Grafik systems, by Lutron Electronics, were once the premier lighting solution for commercial buildings but are now obsolete. The next generation of lighting control, Quantum Vue, offers better technology in a more cost- and energy-efficient package. Paratus can help you upgrade in a matter of days with no downtime.

Quality Quantum Vue Solutions

Take your commercial lighting controls to the next level with Paratus. We have the skills necessary for upgrading your Grafik 5000 / 6000/ 7000 system to Quantum Vue without replacing lighting control panels, wiring and other key infrastructure.

  • Design & programming
  • Control-specific documentation
  • System upgrades
  • Automation solutions
  • Implementation & training
  • Ongoing maintenance

Cost-Effective Quantum Vue Upgrades

Paratus makes it simple to upgrade to Quantum Vue because we utilize your existing dimming panels, light fixtures and low-voltage wiring. This saves substantial time and money compared to a complete lighting renovation.

Simple Quantum Vue Lighting Controls

Control Quantum Vue’s application through any web-based device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Vue web dashboard tiles and graphical floorplan interface make navigating your new lighting system easy and intuitive for every room in your building. Monitor, maintain and control your lights and shades to improve building performance. Even when you’re on the road, you can remotely schedule lighting to optimize your energy usage.

Save Energy with Quantum Vue

Quantum Vue uses cutting-edge software that leverages your existing system to create energy reports, space utilization reports, calendar-based scheduling, occupancy trend data and energy management. View detailed graphics and actionable data to see how well your building saves energy.

Flawless Quantum Vue Integrations

The native BACnet allows your system to integrate with your building management system natively–no third-party gateways are required. And since Quantum Vue is built for your network, it can create automatic email alert schedules to notify your maintenance team about problems before generating the work ticket.

Join Our Touch Program

We proudly offer free no-obligation, on-site assessments of your current dimming system. Let us take a backup of your database, give your system a preventative maintenance checkup and leave you with a budget and plan for your system upgrade.