Lutron Lighting System Replacement

The Lutron 3-Wire Ballast Control is used to control Lutron’s fluorescent ballasts. Due to industry regulations and improved technology, fluorescent lighting products are being phased out in favor of LED solutions.

Lutron will no longer sell or support 3-Wire Ballast Controls as of end-of-year 2023, so replacing or modernizing your fluorescent lighting is key for your facility’s maintenance plan.

As an authorized Lutron partner, Paratus will plan and implement your facility’s lighting control replacement or upgrade process.

Lutron 3 wire ballast

3-Wire ballast model shown above.

List of affected ballast models

Model Series – Hi-Lume 3D, EcoSystem, Hi-Lume

Model Types – T4, T5 Linear, T5 HO Linear, T5 Twin-Tube, T8 and U-Bent

Model Numbers

H3DT521CU210 H3DT539CU210EC5T817JUNV1

Is the Lutron 3-Wire Ballast Control Obsolete?

The Lutron 3-Wire Ballast Control is the industry-leading lighting control system for large facility fluorescent lighting. Lutron’s 3-Wire Ballast Control is typically used in large facilities like conference and convention centers, training facilities, and hotels.

However, fluorescent lighting is being phased out in favor of LED lighting due to LED’s improved maintenance schedule and reliability, lower operating costs and environmental impact, and higher degree of control. Replacement parts and official support for 3-Wire fluorescent ballasts will become extremely difficult to procure without a modernization plan for your lighting system.

As an authorized Lutron partner, Paratus offers solutions to upgrade or replace your facility’s lighting. We can retrofit your current system using the C-Flex Kit or implement a whole system replacement using Lutron’s powerful modern lighting technology.

Making the switch from fluorescent to LED creates a more pleasant environment, lowers energy costs, and simplifies maintenance. Upgrading or replacing your Lutron 3-Wire Ballast Control will save you time and money now and in the future.

Download the PDF below to check if your facility’s ballasts are obsolete and in need of replacement or modernization

Our Solutions

C-Flex Retrofit Kit

The C-Flex Retrofit Kit is a powerful, modular solution for retrofitting your legacy Lutron 3-Wire Ballast Control lighting system to LED. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the C-Flex Kit allows you to keep your existing fixtures, control system, zones and sensors, while achieving lower operating and maintenance costs and code compliance.

C-Flex Retrofit Kit

The C-Flex Retrofit Kit upgrades and modernizes your legacy fluorescent lamps and ballasts to LED.

  • Keep existing fixtures, controls
  • Up to 50% less expensive than replacement
  • Expert design and implementation
  • Significant energy and maintenance cost savings compared to legacy systems
  • Improved maintenance schedule
  • Automation solutions for optimal performance and time savings
  • Eco-friendly tax benefits
  • Highly customizable solutions for your unique needs
  • Dims down to 1%
  • Simplest way to achieve substantial (50%+) energy savings
  • Utilize local utility tax rebates

Full System Replacement

A full fixture replacement is often more expensive and time-consuming compared to a retrofit kit.

  • Higher upfront investment for new fixtures and controls
  • Longer installation time
  • Limited lifespan with fluorescent ballast obsolescence
  • More labor-intensive install

System Upgrade

As lighting control partners and Lutron Electronics experts, Paratus will ensure total compatibility between your LED upgrade and your dimmers and hardware.

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