Lutron Lighting System Replacement

EcoSystem is Lutron’s end-to-end lighting control method for LEDs that addresses individual fixtures and status feedback from LED drivers.

The solution is comprised of high-performance ballasts and LED drivers, simple wired and wireless controls, superior sensors, and intuitive user interfaces.

Unfortunately, Lutron no longer sells or supports EcoSystem ballasts or controls, so replacing or modernizing your lighting system is key for your facility’s maintenance plan. Paratus can help.

As an authorized Lutron partner, Paratus will help plan and implement your facility’s lighting control system replacement or upgrade process.

Lutron Ecosystem ballast

EcoSystem ballast model shown above.

List of affected ballast models

Model Series – Hi-Lume 3D, H-Series, EcoSystem

Model Types – T5 Linear, T5 HO Linear, T5 Twin-Tube, T8 and U-Bent

Model Numbers


Did you know your EcoSystem ballast is part of a digitally designed system?

As a facilities or operations manager, you know the Lutron EcoSystem product line is a powerful, resilient, and customizable lighting control system typically used in schools, universities, and commercial office buildings.

However, EcoSystem ballasts and controls are no longer supported by Lutron, so replacement parts and official support will become extremely difficult to procure without a modernization plan for your lighting system. EcoSystem ballasts each are uniquely addressable and need to be upgraded along with a control system that can manage addressable lights.

A modern lighting system by Paratus creates a pleasant environment, cuts energy and operation costs, and improves maintenance schedules. We can retrofit your current system using the C-Flex Retrofit Kit and a whole EcoSystem redesign using the most powerful, reliable modern lighting technology.

As an authorized Lutron partner, Paratus addresses your needs, budget, and timeline to develop a plan to replace or upgrade your Lutron lighting system and controls. Upgrading or replacing will save you time and money now and in the future.

Download the PDF below to check if your facility’s ballasts are obsolete and in need of replacement or modernization.

The Process


Meet with one of our Lutron and C-Flex authorized consultants for a no-obligation audit and review of your existing system. Our authorized status with Lutron means we can usually access your original sales and design documents. Combined with an assessment of your unique building and lighting needs, we can provide you with a custom turn-key solution to upgrade your lighting and controls.

EcoSystem Ballast and Controls

EcoSystem ballasts each are uniquely addressable and need to be upgraded along with a control system that can manage addressable lights. An Ecosystem lighting control solution by Paratus allows you to upgrade your ballast lamps, drivers to LED and have a control system that manages addressable lights without the hassle and cost of a full system or fixture replacement.

C-Flex Retrofit Kit

The C-Flex Retrofit Kit is a powerful, modular solution for retrofitting your legacy Lutron EcoSystem lighting system. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the C-Flex Retrofit Kit allows you to keep your existing fixtures, control system, zones, and sensors, while achieving lower operating and maintenance costs and code compliance.


We work with you every step of the way to design and implement your facility’s lighting system replacement. Paratus’ deep expertise in Lutron’s modern lighting technology saves you time and money through eco-friendly ballasts, automated controls and sensors, and powerful zoning tools to ensure your lighting system upgrade is hassle-free and efficient.

C-Flex Retrofit Kit

The C-Flex Retrofit Kit is a flexible system for upgrading your EcoSystem lighting controls and ballasts.

  • 50% lower energy consumption
  • Less expensive than full replacement
  • Keep your current fixtures and light distribution
  • Lower maintenance costs for replacing old ballasts
  • Eco-friendly tax benefits
  • Simplest way to modernize your lighting system

Full System Replacement

Modernize your lighting system and controls with a whole system replacement.

  • Expert design and implementation
  • Significant cost savings compared to legacy systems
  • Improved maintenance schedule
  • Automation solutions for optimal performance and time savings
  • Eco-friendly tax benefits
  • Smartphone-compatible controls

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