Why Automate Your Shades? 3 Reasons

Automate Shades

Have you ever thought about automating your shades? If not, here are three reasons why you should.

Every decade or so, there is a new product that seems so extravagant and unnecessary that it is deemed a toy for the rich or a plaything of the super-techy. There was a time that a smartphone was a luxury. iPads and tablets were only for the bleeding-edge tech crowd. In fact, there was even a time when automatic car windows were a luxurious upgrade that only the most well-to-do would bother to splurge on (With car windows, it’s gotten so advanced, we don’t even want to have to hold the button anymore).

And with the speed of advancements in smart home technology, automated shades and blinds are rapidly transitioning from the world of dreams and fantasy to the world of reality, and there are MANY good reasons for this.

Reason #1: Price

Automated shades have historically been more expensive than manual, but guess what? They still are!

That being said, Lutron’s newest line of Serena Shades is the least expensive they’ve ever been. But Serena Shades still come with the super high quality we’ve all come to expect from Lutron, and they still integrate with Lutron’s full line of smart home apps and components. Plus, they are totally wireless, so no expensive remodeling to pull wire is required!

Reason 2: Control & Convenience

As our homes (and lives) get smarter and smarter, controlling our smart devices has gotten more accessible. Every automated shade that Lutron offers can be controlled via an app, timer, home assistant, smartwatch or a good ol’ fashioned remote control or wall control. And that really is what it is all about.

Imagine waking up to natural light each morning by opening your shades rather than a screeching alarm clock. What about privacy every night with the push of a single button? No more walking to every shade in the house and manually setting each level. Using the astronomic functions within the Lutron app, you can even set your shades to operate based on sunrise and sunset to reduce that awful late afternoon glare automatically and not worry about changing your settings just because the clock has changed.

Reason 3: Fashion & Function

Lutron shades come with a HUGE selection of available styles and fabrics. Don’t take my word for it, head over to Lutron Fabrics to check out the full lineup. These shades are not just a technological marvel, but they will really enhance the look and feel of your home at the same time. Plus, they move in absolute perfect precision, giving your space a polished, clean, and elegant look all the time.


Automated shades are no longer a luxury, which means you can enjoy them without breaking the bank. And choosing them is an easy decision because they’re affordable, convenient, and highly functional. So, if you’re looking for a sign that it’s time to automate your shades, this is it.

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